While I have my favorite spots, the tour design and the menu of great food changes periodically. I strive to make my tour unique and enjoyable for the customers. My destinations are not tourist stops as I want to give you a truly local experience of Da Nang’s street food scene.

I have selected the best vendors and local restaurants which use fresh ingredients. I’ve eaten at these location many times and have talked with the owners to make sure that they use safe preparation techniques. These are reasons why our street food is safe:

  • Street food has a very high turnover which helps guarantee that the ingredients will be fresh.
  • You will be able to see how the food is prepared and what goes into it. Local restaurants that I pick are popular with local people.
  • Every restaurant that I include on my tours is carefully checked by me to ensure that the food is prepared in a safe and hygienic manner.

The walking on this tour is limited. We will walk to locations which are a short distance from each other. For locations which are further apart, we will be taking a taxi.

The tour is certainly kid-friendly. My youngest client was 8 months old. There are a lot of food options which the children will enjoy (even for the pickiest of eaters).

The rates for children are as follows:

  • Children under 4 eat for free!
  • Children from 4 to 10 receive a 50% discount.
  • Children above 10 are charged the normal rate.


I currently accept cash payments in VND or USD after the tour finishes.

Don’t worry about that, I have vegetarian and vegan tours also. Vietnam has many different restaurants and types of food to choose from. I will do my best to create a tour that caters to most food sensitivities and restrictions.

Please specify your dietary restrictions or allergy when you book your tour so that it is easier for me to accommodate your needs.

Definitely! I keep my tour groups small in order to give you the best possible experience. My private walking tours have a maximum of 5 guests.

If you have a larger group, I am happy to accommodate a private tour for you as well.