Five destinations in Son Tra peninsula

Far from the city center about 10 km to the east, Son Tra peninsula is compared with the city’s “ green lung “ thanks to the rich natural reserve of flora and fauna. Son Tra is a special gift of the the God to DaNang city where is one of the most promising destinations when coming to DaNang city. Many things you can explore in Son Tra Peninsula which make you surprise. These are top 5 destinations you should visit. Don’t miss it.
1. Linh Ung pagoda-Son Tra penisula

Linh Ung pagoda from above
Beginning from the seaside Hoang Sa street, Linh Ung pagoda – But beach is the first one in your trip. Linh Ung pagoda is not only the Buddha Sanctuary but also a mysterious place with many spiritual stories.

The most striking feature is its majestic 67-meter-tall Goddess of Mercy Statue standing on a lotus-shaped platform-which is considered the highest in Viet Nam. This status put its back to the mountain, faces to the sea. Locals often cast off all their worries by looking at the gentle face of the Goddess of Mercy Statue. This statue is strongly believed to take care of fishermen and give them the strength to deal with any storms and high waves. Inside the statue, which is equivalent to a 30-storey building, there are 17 levels, allowing visitors to admire the view from different heights. Each of the 17 levels houses 21 Buddha statues, with different appearances, expressions and gestures . From here visitors can contemplate the whole city comprising mountains and Son Tra Peninsula. At sunrise or sunset, the beautiful landscape together with blue sky and sea breeze creatures a unique impression that you cannot find in other place. At night, seen from the pagoda’s gate,visitors can take great pleasure in enjoying the Cham island, which is compared with the falling star.

2. The giant banyan tree

The 1000 year-old banyan tree in Son Tra peninsula
From the famous Linh Ung pagoda north of the peninsula you will meet the thousand-year-old tree native people here called “village elders” of the mountain. The tree is about 26 m high with the direction of the sea to catch the sun, the trunk is big, dozens of hugging cannot be around, around the tree is 26 additional roots to the ground, forming a very sturdy frame, raising support the wide spread interwoven.

According to a survey and verification, this banyan tree is more than 1000 years old. The legend has it that the place was once the place where the fairies chose to make fun each other. They loved the banyan tree and gave it a rare beauty , great shape.

3. Ban Co peak

The fairy statue playing chess in the summit
Following the winding road on the mountain to the south, visitors will have to climb up the steep elevated steps up to the summit of the chessboard, also known as Chess Board.

Here, you will enjoy the fresh air, easy to see the panoramic city with blue sea and white clouds. The most prominent feature is the statue of a fairy playing chess.

On a summer day, you can look around the city , which makes you feel relax and peaceful. If the weather is misty, you may feel this palace like as a heaven in that the clouds hovering under the feet. Therefore, the pioneers choose this place to roam, chess as the ancient people still tell each other.

4. Watching brown-legged langurs
Son Tra Nature Reserve on Son Tra Peninsula abounds with an eco-system of coastal tropical forests protected under the national regulations for forbidden forests. About 60% of the forest land on the peninsula are primeval jungles.

It is the home to the rare animal – brown-legged langurs
Another unique feature of the Son Tra Nature Reserve is the existence of about 12 herds of brown-legged (or five-coloured) langurs, scientifically known as pygathrix nemaeus. This is an extremely rare species with only 200 individuals living in Vietnam and in Son Tra forests. Remember to take the binocular to clearly observe them.

5. Bai Da Beach
Bai Da Beach known as Obama beach , located nearly the giant banyan tree and it has name thanks to this giant banyan tree.
Following the Hoang Sa seaside, at the crossroad Son tra’s resort, you can see the a signal to direct to Bai Da Beach, and turn right forward to beach to reach it, forward to mountain to reach the giant banyan tree.
Instead of crowded people in any famous beach as My Khe Beach, come to Bai Da Beach, each of younger can lost in peaceful environment, get on well with nature and beach.
Bright blue water, white sand, warm sunshine – under magnificent inspiration nature, visitors can enjoy beautiful sandy beach that affords an ideal area for bathing, swimming, playing sports and fishing and some adventure activities such as high speed canoe, watercraft,deep-set foot of the sea forms rare coral reefs and diverse species.

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