My 5 favorite dishes in Da Nang

1. Bánh Canh (Vietnamese thick noodle soup that is quite similar to Japanese udon)
To many people, banh canh is probably not unfamiliar at all. In Da Nang, “banh canh” can be found in many different places with varied flavors, such as “banh canh ca loc”, “banh canh ruong”, “banh canh xuong thit” anh “banh canh tom ghe”,…. The dough that makes the noodle can be made from rice flour, wheat flour or tapioca flour. The broth, however, can be varied depending on the region and to attract different groups of customers. Address: Banh Canh Bà Sen 143 Nguyen Chi Thanh street.

2. Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese crispy pancakes/crepes)
Banh Xeo is best to enjoy when it gets a bit cold. The crispy crust which looks really appealing is made of rice flour, turmeric powder and egg yolks, while the stuffing is a mix of fresh prawns, pork belly ground with mushroom and some other ingredients. Once the crust is fried enough, the stuffing and bean sprouts will be added in. Depending on the region, the dipping sauce can be sweet-and-sour fish sauce or made specially from chicken liver and pork. In general, banh xeo is usually eaten with rice paper, fresh herbs and spices or with some spinach. Address: Bánh xèo Lipton 280/21 Hoang Dieu street

5. Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo (girdle cake rolled with pork)
Another dish that no one should be miss in Danang is girdle cake rolled with pork. The ingredients simply are boiled pork, raw vegetables, girdle cake and shrimp sauce. These simple items upon being blended create an amazing and unforgettable taste. Address: Mậu restaurant 215 Trung Nu Vuong street

6. Gỏi cá nam ô (Nam O raw herring salad)
Codfish and anchovy are also often used to make this kind of salad. Yet, herring is the best. To ensure the best quality, the cook must pick really fresh herring. The raw herring salad tastes deliciously spicy with chilli and ginger to get rid of the fishy smell. Address: Thuan restaurant My An 22


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