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About Exploring Da Nang Tours

The Concept The concept behind my tours grew from my passion for food (I’m a total foodie!) and my love of spending time with foreign friends (I love meeting new people!). I’ve been taking my foreign friends and American husband out to eat local street food for many years now. My foreign buddies find it hard to know where to go for authentic local food, where they won’t get ripped off or experience problems with the language barrier. With me by their side, they have seen and tasted so much more than they ever could alone! My foreign mates have been telling me for years that I should make a business out of my passion for helping newcomers to discover the best local food, and finally I decided to go for it! I am so proud of my nation’s cuisine and I believe that Da Nang offers some of the best food in the country. I’m not alone in this belief - Da Nang is known as a food mecca among Vietnamese, particularly for its fresh seafood and famous fish sauce!   The Tours I offer daily small walking tours of the local Da Nang street food scene. I give three main types of tour; Morning, Evening and Vegetarian, but I can also offer custom-made tours. Each tour includes 6 food stops, in varying non-touristy locations; and last from 3.5 to 4 hours. My tours are original and authentic – I won’t be reading out rehearsed scripts and I won’t be taking you to tourist traps just so I can make commission (very common on Vietnamese tours unfortunately)! What I will do is carefully match your preferences with authentic local places that suit you best AND give you as much insider information as I can about the culture, customs and history behind the dishes, people and places of Da Nang and Vietnam. Vietnamese food varies greatly from region to region; because my tour is based in Da Nang, I will focus a lot on the food that is unique to this dynamic city. My aim is to make my food tours so much more than just food tours! I believe that learning about the people that make the food and the lives they lead is a very important part of my role as your Exploring Da Nang Food Guide and that this information will enrich your experience. On each and every tour, we’ll sit side-by-side with locals from all walks of life and I'll give you the fascinating insight into local life. The eateries I take you to can vary from restaurants, street food stalls, beach shacks, backyards, living rooms or outside a local house - it all depends on the time of year and your preferences.   The Food On my tours you will typically eat noodle soups, rice (these are the two main staples of Vietnamese cuisine!); savoury crispy pancakes, rice cracker pizzas, rice cakes, BBQ’d food, the freshest of seafood and some sweet treats. I can cater my tours to meet pretty much any kind of diet or special requirement – from Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Non-pork eaters, to Vegan and Gluten-free. All you need to do is specify your dietary restrictions, intolerance or allergy when you book your tour, so that I can accommodate your needs.   Tour Group Size I believe that small group tours give the best experience, so I usually limit each tour to 5 people. However, I can accommodate bigger groups and private tours, at no extra fee.   Find out more You can click on the links above to find out more about my tours; there is also an FAQ section to answer common questions, and of course, you can contact me (via the ‘Contact’ link) with specific questions, or if you want a custom-made tour. When you’re ready to make a booking, you can fill out the ‘Book the Tour’ form on each Tour page. I really look forward to welcoming you on one of my food tours – you are helping to make my dream a reality!      

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