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3,5 hours
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I arranged this 3.5 hour tour for you to enjoy an awesome morning of eating breakfast Da Nang-style! I'll take you to non-tourist destinations so you can get an authentic slice of local life while munching on a multitude of local specialties. You'll sample 7-10 different dishes during this food challenge!

Your specific hotel or our designated meeting place
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12:00 AM
  • Free pick up and drop off within 5 kilometers of your hotel
  • Small groups, normally 5 people max ,but no extra fee for big groups or private tours
  • All foods and unlimited drinks (water, soft drinks, beers)
  • Fun and mind-blowing experience
  • Walking and taxi during the tour
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At 8:30AM: I will pick you up from your hotel or wait for you at our assigned meeting place.


First stop! We will be heading to a well-known local market to delve into the lifestyle of local people. As we watch vendors and buyers energetically selling and buying colorful fresh food, I'll fill you in on some of the history and tradition behind Vietnamese food. I'm sure you'll be hungry by now, so we'll tuck into a Vietnamese baguette, washed down with refreshing sour apple green juice, followed by sweet-jelly soup (not as weird as it sounds!).


After experiencing the vibrant market, we will move on to a very local area to seek out some Da Nang breakfast specialties. We'll start off by having a plate of savory rice rolls, before moving on to the delicious local specialty of sizzling beef and egg hotplate, which you can watch get skillfully cooked right in front of you! We'll sit among locals so you can see how they eat their breakfast as I give you more fascinating insight into local life.


By now you'll probably be feeling pretty full, so we'll take a stroll around a local area hidden down the alleyways, to give your stomach a short rest. Here you'll get an authentic peak into local life as we wander past local houses and vendors, watching locals go about their daily morning activities. Soon it will be time to eat again, but first lets kick-start your metabolism by having a coconut coffee or traditional coffee in a very popular local coffee shop! Now you should be ready to take on the next food challenge, so we'll grab some chicken sticky rice with herbs and, if you're brave enough, a bowl of roasted pork with the pungent fish sauce that Da Nang is famed for!


You must be full after so much amazing food, so we will finish the tour by having a light salad named "gỏi bò khô", which is papaya salad with beef jerky. We'll end on a sweet note by washing everything down with a glass of sweet bean coconut milk!


It's time to return you to your hotel, where you can take a well-earned nap (food coma)! I will get a car to take you back to where we started. I hope to see you in Viet Nam again!

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