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Night Adventure


4 Hours duration
6 Food Stops

Our Tours/ Night Tours/ Details (approx 15-20mins walk)

This is so much than just an evening food tour – as we munch our way through a veritable feast of Da Nang delights, I’ll fill you in on the background behind each dish. While we sit side-by-side with locals from all walks of life, I’ll give you fascinating insight into local life by sharing with you the cultures and traditions that the people of my city follow. I believe that learning about the people that make the food and the lives they lead is a very important part of my role as your Da Nang Food Guide and that this extra information will enrich your experience. The eateries I will take you to can vary from restaurants, street food stalls, beach shacks, backyards, living rooms or outside a local house – it all depends on the time of year and your preferences. What I can guarantee is that I will do my utmost to seek out the most authentic and tasty Da Nang food cuisine for you and you will learn a lot as you eat! Every evening food tour includes 8-12 dishes, with snacks/starters, mains, dessert and fruit juice – come with an empty stomach and an open heart! An example of a unique Da Nang dish you will eat is ‘Banh Trang Kep’ – which is loosely translated as ‘Cracker Pizza’ as it is made of crunchy cracker-like rice paper topped with quail eggs, beef jerky and onion – it also looks a bit like a taco! Another of my favourites that I’d like to introduce you to is Banh Cuốn bò khô which is made of soft rice paper (yeah, rice features a lot in our dishes!) with a beef jerky filling.' see the real life of local people. we're gonna sample 8-12 different dishes during this food challenge.
  • Free pick up and drop off at your hotel within 5 kilometer
  • small group, normally 5 people max but no extra fee for big group or private tour
  • All of foods and unlimited drinks (water, soft drinks, beers)
  • Fun and mind-blowing experience
  • Walking and taxi during the tour

At 5:00pm:i will pick you up from your hotel or waitting for you at our meeting place!


First stop! We will be heading to a well-known local market to see how local people shopping then try some
vietnamese baguettes, sour apple green juice, jelly-sweet soup!


After seeing local’s activities at the market, i will bring you into the alleys, small
streets to seek for some spring rolls, papaya salad with squid jerky, Vietnamese crackers pizza with beef
watching how local people eat and have fun when dining out Otherwise you can also watch your food get cooked
right in front of you!


At this time, you might be quite full after those yummy snacks so we will continues our
journey by walking and sightseeing to the next destinations,enjoy our nightlife style and the beauty of the
city! here we are at the next stop! you will be having a delicious bowl of either Quang’s noodles or grilled
pork with vermicelli salad and A few bamboo sticks of pork meat! Or you can even challenging yourself by
a bowl of noddles with stinky fish sauce (stinky in a good way)


Oh you must be very full now! Let do another stroll to a local BBQ place in Vietnamese style!
they will bring out so many different types of meat in different presentations and seafood of course that is
city highlight! prawns cooked in tamarind sauce, baby muscles with peanut sauce!


We are not going home yet guys cause we still got our last stop for the dessert. Let’s try
some Vietnamese grilled banana cooked in coconut milk soup that will leave you an impression of great taste
about our cuisine.After finishing the tour i will get a car return you to your hotel or our meeting place,
not goodbye it’s ” SEE YOU AGAIN” wish you all the best and hopefully i have a chance to see you again.

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