Exploring Da Nang Tour
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Vegetarian & Vegan


4 Hours duration
6 Food Stops
We'll take a stroll around typically local areas hidden in alleyways, so you can see local homes and the vendors that set up shop ousite, in and aroun them. While we wander, taking in the night-time sights and sounds, I'l share with you insight into the cultures and tradition that the people of my city follow. Now it's time for the next course and this one will be served up in a classic Chay (Vietnamese Buddhist Vegetarian) restaurant! Here you'll get the chance to try plenty of vegetarian of vegan versions of popular Vietnamese dishes in a cozy restaurant setting. Typical dishes that you'll get to try are Vietnamese-style tofu (crunchy and with a flavorful dip), spring rolls stuffed with green bean and mushrooms; Banh Cuon which looks like spring rolls but is made from soft rice paper, which is fried and stuffed with tasty mock meat made from flour powder; and a healthy broth made from fresh vegetables (soup is eaten last during Vietnamese meals).
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