Exploring Da Nang Tour
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Morning cuisine


3.5 Hours duration
6 Food Stops
Good morning Da Nang! Explore life style from different countries is such an exciting time! Discover daily life and have breakfast like locals do and sit around with local. This tour is perfect for you who love adventures and interested in learning the cultures ! I arranged this 3.5 hour tour for you to enjoy an awesome morning of eating breakfast Da Nang - style! I'll take you non-tourist destinations so you muching on a multitude of local specialties. You'll sample 7-10 different dishes during this food changllenge ! We'll start of by having a palte of savory rice rolls, before moving on to the delicious local specialty of sizzling beef and egg hotplate, which you can watch get skillfully cooked right in front of you! We'll sit aming locals so you can see how they eat their breakfast as i give you more fascinating insight into local life.

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